Dominant's Academy

Dominant's Academy

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BOOK : Dominant's Academy n  (a Bdsm Academy story) 

by :  Horseymed ( )

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About :Abuse, Rape, Dominance, Bondage, slave, Master, Sadism, School, Meanage, punishment


Elena's POV

"What the hell?!" I shout as I walk into my bedroom - my now EMPTY bedroom!

"Darling?" My mum says walking up the stairs. "Me and your father are going out for a dinner and a limo will be here to pick you up. Go have a shower and put something nice on. Be READY AT EIGHT!" She shouts as she walks into her bedroom.

"What? Why?" I ask.

"Because your going to an academy we are sending you to, its a boarding school except once there I KNOW you will find someone and then move house. So we made it easier for you. Now go get ready!" She says sitting at her dresser.

My face paled as I walked to my bathroom and showered. So basically I'll rewind for you.

Sunday Morn...

    kaisayshi kaisayshi Jul 21
    Did you just break the fourth wall in my Bdsm Smut short story?!
    kitkat1262 kitkat1262 Jun 09
    He didn't shout slap oh my god 😂 those aren't quotations marks lmaoo
    Emmabladue Emmabladue Mar 03
    Salvatore Damon Elena in really sensing some vampire diaries vibes here
    Winter1510 Winter1510 Sep 25, 2016
    Am i the only person on wattpad who doesnt watch vampire diaries
    RoshiniWijesingha8 RoshiniWijesingha8 Nov 22, 2015
    That's the first time a writer has ever done that in a story :|
    lulu909 lulu909 Dec 30, 2014
    Like slap? He slapped her? Ok just wasn't sure. I mean he is a dom so it would make sense if he did. But the '' is a bit confusing.