Sealed and Silenced (Watty Awards 2012)

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Katie By Crazzypurplegirl Completed
My name has been forgotten, tossed away like a piece of trash. I do not talk. I do not look anyone in the eyes. My hands shake from my past and I barley sleep at night. I always hear the grunts and the groans of the men that abuse me. I see the insanity in their eyes. They see the fear in mine. I had a chance to escape. I took it but it landed me back in the same position. It seems like I will never escape.
Just finished the first chapter, but I'm pretty much loving it!
I loved it!!! It's kinda scary though... Brings back memories and pain. But in this case I love the adrenaline.
i dont think i wuld be strong like her if i was in her situation...
Amazing first chapter! Deeply engaging and beautifully written too.
Wow, this was excellent! I liked the descriptions, and you really had me empathizing with her. I can't believe that those men did that to her, it really shocked me. And just when we thought she was free, she has to get caught again! I voted and would totally read on if there was more. Well done :)
@Crazzypurplegirl Shatter Me is a GREAT read! It is one of my favorites :)