Next Level Player

Next Level Player

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Attention Ladies...                 

Want to play a game?                     

Leon Stone "The Legendary Player" who toyed with girls hearts, played them into his bed and then dumped them like they were trash, heard of him?                  

Have you had your heart broken by him?                  

Fell for his wicked ways and bad boy looks?                   

Want to get revenge?                 

It's our turn now ladies. Can you change the player? Think you can break his heart like he did with so many other girls?                   

We want someone to make him fall in love, and then stomp on his heart just as he did ours!                    

First one to do so wins a cash load and bragging rights as the one who broke The Leon Stone, becoming "The Queen of Players."                    

Any girl can enter as long as you go to Riverside High, and are above the age of 16.                   

Show him what he's missing and make him regret what he left.                    

So good luck ladies, Let The Games Begin.                  

"Treat me like a Queen and I'll treat you like a King. Treat me like a Game and I'll show you how it's Played." Unknown.

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  • wattys2016
                              11:49 am
                              September 1, 2107 
                              Calgary, Canada 
                              On the toilet
Nakharah Nakharah Sep 21
Man I wish I could be this cool but if this situation happened to me I would probably blush and run away like an idiot 😂
Hufferin Hufferin Sep 07
Why is being considered a nerd an insult they're literally saying your smart
kaykay05111 kaykay05111 Aug 06
In real life there would always be that one girl that messes it up
                              September 19, 2017
                              Singapore, Asia
                              In car, otw to sch