Finding Love ~ Book•2✔️

Finding Love ~ Book•2✔️

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Emily Andrews (Rose) By ERoseAuthor Completed

Sequel to The Bet That Broke Me, highest rank #18 so far  in romance

1st Book~ The Bet That Broke Me✔️
3rd Book~ Following in the bad boys Footsteps

Book one is currently under editing so I'd recommend not to read this one yet cause in order to understand it you'd have to had read the first book.

I can not believe this is happening. I drop the files from my hands and they fall to the floor scattering everywhere. I stare at him in shock. He looks so different, so mature in his suit, and sexy as hell. He hasn't even noticed me yet though. Good, I bend down to grab the papers.

"Damn It!" I curse I just spent thirty minutes organizing them for my new case. Oh but who cares about the stupid Papers, I can't believe he is actually here! It has been nine years since I last saw him. Nine years since the Bet.

"Here let me help you." He speaks bending down to grab my papers. I freeze as our hands brush, same on stupid sparks. He stands up and my heart quickens.

"Miss are you okay?" He asks me. His voice is so deep and it sends a shiver down my spine. I slowly stand up and our eyes meet. His eyes flash with surprise as mine did a moment before. His old cold eyes didn't show at all. This man is not the Aiden Parker I knew nine years ago.

"Alison." He mutters still in shock.

"Aiden." I mirror him. His eyes look over my body. I would say I have changed a lot since high school, I have matured gratefully.

"Oh you two have met then? Alison this is the new owner of the law firm." My boss tells me and my eyes widen even bigger. You have got to be kidding me. Aiden Parker is my new boss.

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