His Butler, Fathering

His Butler, Fathering

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Cierra By ra_chan Completed

When we last saw the demonic butler Sebastian Michaelis and his young master Ciel Phantomhive, Ciel's soul became mingled with that of Alois Trancy, who made a contract with Hannah Anafeloz against Ciel's well-being. As a result, Ciel was reborn as a demon. Because of this, Sebastian cannot consume Ciel's soul and now he has to remain his servant for all eternity.


But.... what happened to them after Season 2 ended?


What would happen if reason gave way to passion between a butler and his master? 

A new life is created.


Ciel becomes pregnant with Sebastian's child. How will he react? How will he deal with it? You have to read to find out.

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  • mpreg
Hannah_AnnafellowsBB Hannah_AnnafellowsBB May 15, 2017
I don't know who this Hannah amafeloz is but I'm fairly certain that ma'lord made a contract with me not this miss anafeloz (this comment is all in good fun please don't take it the wrong way)
SaraTriplett3 SaraTriplett3 Mar 22, 2017
Season 3 came out... Book of Circus and Book of Murder! They were amazing!!!
TucsonKagamine TucsonKagamine Dec 01, 2016
is it weird that im writing a similar story... coincidence? lol
- - Jul 11, 2016
As soon as I read pregnant I knew I had to open up this book
fanofaot2 fanofaot2 Mar 14, 2016
My guess is that the writer of black Butler is the writer of this fan fiction is her so she is secretly telling us
blancana blancana Jul 18, 2016
They got together, and had a child. And loved each other dearly. That's my guess