Mafia Mate

Mafia Mate

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Alondra Gutierrez By Satan_Women Updated Feb 12

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"Mate," he growled pushing me up against the wall with my hands above my head.

"Mate," I asked confused.

"You're mine," he whispered smelling my neck.

He was getting way to close for my liking. I kneed him where the sun don't shine. He let me go, cupped his thing and fell to his knees.

I bent down and whispered in his ear, "I'm no one's."



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Surpresers not silencers, and they make a little ting sound, sorry lol Dad was in the Army and always told to to say it that way
Legit thought she was talking about an actual baby. Was like, yeah! Badass mother and then like, oh her bike yeah I knew that
HollyJeanYoung HollyJeanYoung Aug 23, 2016
I think this should either be no sound or not a single sound
britneybryant britneybryant Jun 10, 2016
Why did my mind automatically go to Dr. Evil from Austin Powers
n3v323 n3v323 Jun 01, 2016
am i the only one that isn't reading for the wolf and for the mafia part?
BigBird15 BigBird15 Jul 12, 2016
Does anyone even know how tall 6'7 is because it's really freaking tall. Put that with his muscular build and it's a no no that should have some major health problems