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"He would tear apart the world just to keep her safe."


She only knows three things: 

She nearly died. 

Someone wants her dead. 

And he is her only hope of staying alive.

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  • mystery
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Miewse Miewse Sep 21
I am excited that we can picture the characters how we want! Let the story begin!
alexisanneb alexisanneb Sep 21
so... any smut? pg 13 for me means little to no smut. just curious.
i like not knowing what the people look like bc some people pick out ugly people or not ugly people but just people i dont find attractive then i think of their face the whole time im reading and it ruins it
arkpatrol arkpatrol Sep 23
I actually like knowing what the cast looks like but oh well
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Can I steal the copy right notice because that shït was awesome and I need it for my shïtty book