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Between The Raindrops- A Johnlock Fanfiction (Sequel to Beside You)

Between The Raindrops- A Johnlock Fanfiction (Sequel to Beside You)

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the rest: rust&stardust By SherlockedDoors Updated Jan 14, 2014

(Sequel to 'Beside You- A Johnlock Fanfiction')
Now, finally reunited and married, the consulting detective takes his blogger for a honeymoon in Paris- but not is all as it seems, because awaiting amongst the enchanting sights and blissful haze is a figure from the past, who has news of a new nemesis who wishes to topple their newfound paradise in search of bloodthirsty revenge. To top things off, the new couple begin to wonder how thin is the line between the future and the past when a strange midnight incident occurs at Saint-Michel, triggering a new, shattering string of events- and buried memories. Some of which should have remained buried for much longer...

(Inspired by the song 'Between The Raindrops' by Lighthouse and Natasha Bedingfield. Contains major fluff.)

Everyday suites. Some people wear suites once or twice a year and Sherlock has EVERYDAY SUITES xD
redvelvetrocker redvelvetrocker Jan 31, 2016
HERE I AM!!!!!
                              HERE AT LAST!!!!
                              HERE TO READ THE SEQUEL!!
                              TO AN AMAZING PAST!!!
                              I'M GLAD TO SAY!
                              I READ THE BOOK
                              SO I'M HERE TO READ THE SEQUEL
                              YOU'VE GOT ME HOOKED!!!
                              I'm gonna make that as a song now
PurpleCrayonQueen PurpleCrayonQueen Dec 30, 2016
First I thought of TJLC Explained, then I thought of X-Files  XD
You can get there by train from London, why are they flying?
I'm giggling uncontrollably in a conference. Blease send some helb 😆😆😆😆
clubbe01 clubbe01 Jan 01
At the end of this book john better not wake up and sherlock is dead cause I swear I'm gonna flip 5 tables