Darkness Within

Darkness Within

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Ashley Willis By ShadowsPheonix Updated Nov 04, 2013

The twenty first century is a period of awakening, set in motion by a group of rouge diviners. The last time this happened was at the beginning of the Dark Ages and the events were put into motion by one single diviner: Cailleach. 

Cailleach had been sentenced to exile in the shadow realm where he faced eternity without the hope of redemption. Clinging to memories of a single human woman, Cailleach finds his light in the darkness and becomes the protector of wanderers in the lost forest... 

...Until he is offered a chance at redemption. All he must do is protect and guide one human female. 

Awen may be the "hand of god"; a physical incarnation of goodness on earth and redemption for the human race but darkness crashes around her. Outside forces have controlled Awen's life from birth and the time of reckoning is upon her. 

The two must face their own duality and achieve balance for the whole of humanity. This will require sacrifice...but is the sacrifice too big?