Best FrEnemies  (GirlxGirl)

Best FrEnemies (GirlxGirl)

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Reese. By ReesaBabz Completed

When Taylor meets up with her EX-best friend after several years, they immediately spark off. Abby realizes that Taylor is changed more than she could have imagined, and not for the better. Take a peek and find out how the emotional mess plays out. This is no ordinary love story.

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Jannik12H Jannik12H 3 days ago
It is german but it makes Bo sense... i know whats meant but thats thats just Google translator not knowing that "watch" has multiple meanings.
Bricksilver Bricksilver Mar 22, 2017
you claim to be irritated that she watched you dress when you did absolutely nothing about it like ask her to exit the room while you get dress or turn around or... something, ANYTHING! *sigh* whatever, you obviously had no issue with it so don't even try to b*tch about it
BKiddo265 BKiddo265 Aug 23, 2017
Lol you can't be "straight up Canadian" and "white",  you'd have to be Native American to be that Canadian
blackie129 blackie129 Oct 24, 2017
Bricksilver Bricksilver Mar 22, 2017
I would file a restraining order if I found a photographer in my own home, sleeping in my bathtub. that's a major stalker alert, even if it's paparazzi. you don't have the right to break into someone's home and invade their personal and private space like that. it's just wrong
Whether it's axe for girls or just regular axe it doesn't really matter because it's still axe. I hate axe for girls my opinion and I'm a girl so I use regular axe because nothing should be labeled. And my gf loves when I use it.