Best FrEnemies  (GirlxGirl)

Best FrEnemies (GirlxGirl)

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Reese. By ReesaBabz Completed

When Taylor meets up with her EX-best friend after several years, they immediately spark off. Abby realizes that Taylor is changed more than she could have imagined, and not for the better. Take a peek and find out how the emotional mess plays out. This is no ordinary love story.

  • bestfriends
  • celebrity
  • chicklit
  • enemies
  • girlxgirl
  • lesbian
I actually imagined two girl getting tossed in the air and now I can't stop laughing😂😂
Lord have mercy apon her poor dilapidated soul ohh and while your at it I need a sharper knife and GO DIE IN A HOLE CUZ U DONT exist love, an atheist
Uggh, i was sooooo high that I lied about my virginity status
airbebu airbebu a day ago
Rubix cubes are easy to solve. I even solve a ten by ten one
Break it apart and put it back together what I do aka get closer to her until she breaks everything to you then put it back togtehr
AsWeRoam AsWeRoam Sep 21
In German it’s more like, “Pass auf, was du sagst“ (“Watch your mouth”).