Not Everything Is As It Seems

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Melita Cebalo By rumourNgossip Updated 2 years ago
Dakota moves to a new state after her father gets a promotion at work. She never had any friends in Sydney so when she starts at her new school she is suprised to leave at the end of the day with a whole new group of friends. As the weeks go by she has friends, enemies, and the attention of the hottest guy in school, Mike! Life is good. But Mike is from a different world to Dakota and she finds herself slowly getting trapped in a web of lies, drugs and murder. A newcomer to the school slowly makes Dakota realize that not everything is as it seems...
that was so awesome I read that in an australian accent...and I'm from Arkansas, USA LOL great job can't wait to keep reading
Really liking this, looking forward to reading,  wish I had the time tonight.  Love the humor!
Love it love it love it. Such good easy reading. Love ur style can't wait for the next chapter :-)
Sounds good do far hon. I love it how she had to check to see if she got dressed. lol.