Horus Series Book 3: Taming a Stubborn Mate (MxM)

Horus Series Book 3: Taming a Stubborn Mate (MxM)

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Rhyvalon Ansgar is the king of the vampire nation Sangdara. In appearance he is the epitome of fashion and his mannerisms are dictated by the highly moralistic and conservative eltari life style. He frowns on those who live frivolously without care for anyone else’s opinions and he believes that the werewolf king, Talon Felix Wolfric is the very definition of one who lives frivolously. Talon wasn’t just someone Rhyvalon disliked. He was his natural enemy.

Talon Felix Wolfric is the king of the nation of werewolves, Volmande. He believes in living life to the fullest without regrets. That also includes a lot of partying and an uncountable list of flings with both men and women. However, despite appearances he had once fallen in love and was suffering from unrequited love. Just when he came to know that his love was never going to be returned he came to know that his true mate was none other than his enemy king Rhyvalon. What would happen when fate brings two opposing personalities together?

Warning: This is a manxman story depicting love between two guys. The story is R rated for mature readers. New cover credit goes to TheAlev :)

smore10 smore10 Apr 26
Hahahaha I always knew that Rain was my favorite characters since the beginning 😂😂😂 I'm laughing so hard
Hikarah Hikarah Jul 20
So basically the uncle wants to rule and decided to kill the parents and trick the boy into making him king. The boy hates werewolves then falls in love. Finds out who might have killed his parents which more than likely was his uncle kills his uncle and rules as king. This is just a theory
smore10 smore10 Apr 26
It's not "Evan forgive me" it's "Talon forgive me" because Rain did something
Wait, is this before or after Rhys fiancee commits soccer suicide?
Omg is that why Talon was addicted to Rain?! Because Rain had blonde hair just like his mate does before he is bitten...omg this is so cute!
Keisha000 Keisha000 Jan 19
                              So just assume because the vamps drained him of his blood...he needed blood to survivr, at that particular time for that particular reason??
                              But being a werewolf he doesn't actually need blood right???
                              Just trying to get it str8.