Without Words

Without Words

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popa By Gallixie Updated Jun 25, 2016

We've all heard the tale of the kidnapped princess who is rescued by the handsome prince, but let's add a twist: the princess is unable to speak, and the dashing prince is replaced by a simple goatherd.

Princess Mirabel, the mute princess of Lucerne. 

Tomas, the lowly goatherd from Pommern. 

When Mirabel is kidnapped only a month before her wedding, carried far from her home, Tomas is the only one who can help her return. But, with her unable to speak, and him unable to read, how will they communicate? And, perhaps more importantly, how will she manage to return home and stop the war brewing on the horizon?

(current cover made by the wonderful @perfumedviolets_)

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complexions complexions Jul 14, 2016
I loved this chapter and also the summary a lot. Your writing is definitely very well written and also very well detailed. I also really like the cover and think it matches the story well. :3
GhostsInsideOfMyBed GhostsInsideOfMyBed Jul 30, 2016
Girl, you can write! Seriously, you have a plot with so much potential! :) Really good job!
ignite- ignite- Jul 14, 2016
I love the twist you put in this story to make it unique. It definitely will make people want to keep reading. Also, this is a great first chapter because it hooks the readers. Keep up the great work <3
voodooashluke voodooashluke Jul 30, 2016
i really like the description and honestly, you're really good at describing omg. i love how you described how she got abducted because it was like i was right there with her. overall, great story and i plan on reading more of it!
novacomplex novacomplex Jul 13, 2016
It was honestly a good chapter and I also loved the summary of the story seems like it's just going to keep getting More and more interesting and I just wanted to say your writing is so good. Will definitely be reading more of this story :)
starozes starozes Jul 24, 2016
Great description! Great chapter! My only problem is you didn't "indent" the first few paragraphs. Overall I loved this chapter.