45 Days to Save the Bad Boy

45 Days to Save the Bad Boy

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Georgie Talbot is a nerd.  She gets bullied daily, but does nothing to stop it.  One day, a creepy man who is neither a murderer, rapist or stalker (she checked) approaches her.  He needs her help.  His son, Breton Joel, needs to be saved within 45 days.  Georgie says yes, and with that her impossible mission begins.

Breton Joel is a bad boy.  He's never met Georgie, never heard of her.  If he has seen her, it would have been that one time he knocked her down in the hallway, but he wasn't paying attention to her then.  He needs help, needs Georgie's help, but he doesn't know it yet.  

When the two meet, it becomes one of Georgie's nightmares.  Saving the bad boy?  From what?  He's not the one being bullied!  He doesn't need saving from anything.  He can do this himself!  

Unfortunately, Georgie's first impression is wrong.  Breton needs her help.  Badly.  But Georgie needs his help too.  Can these two work together?  What happens when the 45 days are up?


Thanks to DayDreamer48 for the cover art!!

Humor: #19  Romance: #22

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the TV shows, movies, books, actors, etc. mentioned in this book.  All credit goes to original authors, etc.

I will literally yawn nd start eating waiting for cheer leading practices to get over !! I m too lazy to find a stranger's son 😒
ReeceCartersBitch ReeceCartersBitch Nov 22, 2016
So what was her dream about that got her screaming ? *confused*
Cara_5sos Cara_5sos Aug 17, 2016
if anyone's a bluegrass fan, look up Carson peters and iron mountain little Georgia rose. it's amazing
ReeceCartersBitch ReeceCartersBitch Nov 22, 2016
Why would a father ask a complete stranger to help her son with something she has completely no idea about and he gave no explanation to what he's asking her to do ! *rubs chin and strokes invisible long white bushy beard even tho I'm a girl*
societyofafangirl societyofafangirl Nov 21, 2016
ReeceCartersBitch ReeceCartersBitch Dec 28, 2016
Said I had a dirty mouth ,but she kissed me like she meant it