Dark Magic and the Twelve Kingdoms (Book 5 of the Shadow Chronicles)

Dark Magic and the Twelve Kingdoms (Book 5 of the Shadow Chronicles)

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DragonRiderEXE By DragonRiderEXE Updated Sep 23, 2018

In the stunning penultimate of the Shadow Chronicles, new secrets are revealed and old rivals are faced. War spills over the lands, but the true war approaches. . . 

The world of Astrania subsides into fabricated peace. The One Year Truce has left it's mark on Astrania's page. Although the twelve kingdoms may be at ease, other dangers lurk in the shadows and grow ever stronger. The Assassin Lord has shocked the world with his uprising and impossible return, just as Tesulan brandishes a new revolution and spurs his ambitions to fruition. The Empire is returning to their former strength, and the insurgent Vazguerd is broken from within. The Black Hand flocks and remains scattered after it's defeat, yet it's leader remains evasive and his whereabouts unknown. 

Pentus Highblade IV has returned from his year-long absence in Astrania and finds that things were not once as they were. Reclaiming his dusty throne, Pentus ascends to claim not only a crown he has been avoiding for his entire life, but bearing the mature responsibilities of the title that could be argued was his father's worst enemy. Greeted by friends, foes, and politics, his training and new-found maturity is put to the sudden trial. Once more a perilous road of adventure opens before him, except this time filled with more shadows and travel than he has known.

Facing conspiracies, politics, assassination attempts, a delicate relationship, traitors, a crumbling organization from within, and more adversaries from outside the broken walls of Calarant. Perhaps one of his biggest problems is the matter of attending to his old friend, bitter rival, and now worst enemy. 

Not only that, but the time for decisive action strikes as the final battle approaches nearer, the King of Calarant must unite all Twelve Kingdoms once more in a final attempt to reclaim Astrania and reclaim peace. Or die trying. But there might be forces even he cannot prevail against with any amount of training. . .