Playing Therapist

Playing Therapist

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Devyn is playing therapist.  She has been for a really, really long time.

She's there for anyone when they need her.  Whether it's a close friend venting to her about everything and everyone, or a classmate asking her about a problem that they have, she's there.

At first Devyn doesn't mind.  She loves helping people.  She knows it's the right thing to do.

But as time goes on, the drama begins to wear her down.  Suddenly helping people isn't something she loves to do anymore.  She hates it.  She hates listening to people vent, trying to give advice constantly.

But she can't stop.

If she stops, that means she doesn't care.  And Devyn does care.  She does.  She just wants one drama free day.  That's it.  That's all she wants.  One drama free day.  But it's just not happening.

Now add Adam.

He's the guy who is constantly trying to get her to stop, to just take a break.  He tries to get her to see that she can't be helping people every second of every day.  He tries to get her to see that it's okay to say no.  It's okay to take a break.  Because if she doesn't, she'll wind up needing a therapist herself.

Devyn Fletcher is playing therapist.  Except, the game isn't so fun anymore.

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My name is Devyn!! finally I was looking for a book with my name in it
When I looked at the title really quickly I could've sworn it was playing the rapist
HafsaAftab HafsaAftab Sep 16, 2016
I just realized therapist when separated becomes "the rapist"
-crayeola -crayeola Jul 13, 2016
I guess thats like me but i thjnk my freinds come to me because km not person who choses and just basically gets to the point i guess😕
nolongerusethis nolongerusethis Aug 17, 2016
I just got a pug puppy and he already sniffs your butt when you crouch down to pet him😂
NitaReck NitaReck Aug 01, 2016
Ha ha ha Plays like my life story. I was Danita Fletcher the teenage therapist! Lol