Alice of hearts(Alice in wonderland RP )Oc

Alice of hearts(Alice in wonderland RP )Oc

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ojiru450 By ojiru450 Updated Jan 04, 2017

are you from the Mad Hatter family, Cheshire clan, White rabbit Medical unit, or the Red Queens Royal Court 

in this Rp you'll be able to choose your path from the four groups in each group you will experince  the weirdness of wonderland and it's untold story but who will you choose ?Mad Hatter family :enjoys the having insane fun and specializes in driving the Red Queens court mad, Cheshire clan :Causing trouble for everyone who dares to cross their path no matter where you're from hehehe, White rabbit medical unit :a unit that has mad medical skills they're also know for their obsession for being on time with romantic dates, appointments, surgeries you name it, and last but not least the Red Queens court :well you can probably guess by the name but if not they're just snotty yet fair people that has short tempers they specialize in giving orders and Cutting off heads so if you date one of them beware 

I'll be putting up forms for each group but I'll also need help with the Characters also your Of is welcome if you want to be a stray Alice or Alphonse whatever you choose I hope you like weirdness cause like me Wonderland is full of it 

I'm playing as the 

Mad Hatter (female) 

Cheshire (male) 

other Characters (help wanted) 

Red Queen (male )because when the queen died the son took over and named it after her) 

Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum  (female and male) 

Ace of Spades (female or male doesn't matter)

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Hachi-San Hachi-San Apr 19, 2017
Cheshire Clan~
                              Name: Elaine Noir
                              Age: 19
                              Likes: Sweets, fun, teasing people, music, sleeping and learning new things
                              Dislikes: boredom, not sleeping, rain, spiders, loneliness and spicy food
                              Gender: Female
                              Other abilities: Sees through lies
felix_the_smol_bean felix_the_smol_bean Mar 15, 2017
Cheshire Clan:
                              Kitty Cheshire
                              Music, taunting people, laughing, smiling
                              Red Queen Court, getting in trouble, sad things
                              Disappear, control the weather
0PercentAngel 0PercentAngel Jan 11, 2017
Name: Tye Crazane 
                              Age: 15
                              Likes: music, tea, dances,exploring 
                              Dislikes : rude and insulting people. And smoking and bad drugs. Being put in small areas
                              Other: n/a yet
Pluto-the-wolf Pluto-the-wolf Jan 04, 2017
Haha! Finally get to wander without someone watching me like a hawk *glances back at home*
MidnightX14 MidnightX14 Jan 04, 2017
                              Likes:reading, playing piano and violin, ice skating, calm things
                              Dislikes: annoying people
                              Gender: female
                              Other abilities: don't know yet
ShadowAndTheDemons ShadowAndTheDemons Jan 12, 2017
Name: Ari 
                              Likes: archery, her siblings, and being herself 
                              Dislikes: Snobby people, people picking on her , and people hurting people she cares about
                              Other abilities: Can teleport, can stay quiet for a long time, and her archery