The Spirit of Summer

The Spirit of Summer

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Keneiloe Mathabatha By ForeverMirakulous Updated Sep 29, 2017

Although she could never quite place her finger on the reason why exactly, Heather Anderson had always known that she and her sisters weren't quite the epitome of "normal."

Sure, they did things that regular thirteen-year old girls did- they gossiped, hung out with their friends and stalked their crushes online...

But she still couldn't quite shake off that vague feeling that what life had in store for them... was not the same as what it had in store for others their age...

But, that never prepared her- or her sisters- for the shock of finding out the real truth about their family.

And it definitely never prepared them for the unbelievable- and perilous journey that lay ahead of them...

It all started with four words:

The spirit of summer.

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Pomerory Pomerory Dec 15, 2017
Wow same I feel ya Kat, that’s the best way to sleep tho 😂
brandnewgirl17 brandnewgirl17 Jun 04, 2017
Britney Spears! I love her! And that is my second favourite song of hers from Femme Fatale,  after Criminal!
brandnewgirl17 brandnewgirl17 Jun 04, 2017
Blood of Olympus? Aaah! I am a huge fan! I'm a daughter of Hephaestus!
Pomerory Pomerory Dec 15, 2017
Oh, nice!  That sounds awesome!  I’d love to live there with kind of freak weather lol
brandnewgirl17 brandnewgirl17 Jun 04, 2017
Mai sounds like... me. She seems a lot like me in some way...
brandnewgirl17 brandnewgirl17 Jun 04, 2017
Hey, I have 2 friends called Terry and Monica. Except they're both female though