The Girl With Impossible Dreams

The Girl With Impossible Dreams

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Born of a family. Raised to do their job, it's not an option. 

 In a tangled society where your job, your future differs depending on who your parents are. Dena Grayton is in the middle of the employment system - her life's not bad if you compare it to those bellow her in the system, but like children so she dreams of what she wants in the future. She dreams of being a doctor which is impossible for her because of the section of the system she was born in - at least that's what everyone tells her. 

 When Dena is fourteen years of age she gets the chance of a lifetime a chance to achieve her dream. However dreams aren't all they seem, the path Dena is taking is a dangerous one. Her dream could turn into a nightmare.

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Gorridge Gorridge Mar 12, 2017
I liked and commented before I read it but I am  going to read  it at some point