I don't know what I'm looking for

I don't know what I'm looking for

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hopefulwanderer97 By hopefulwanderer97 Updated Jan 03, 2017

There were many times when I've dreamt of something like this. I could see the city lights through the mask, a blur of misty yellow, red, and bright LED lights. All those people on the streets, the bars and the city buildings, all those cars, everything and nothing mattered. Closing my eyes, I could drown myself in the speed, the wind and the silence in my head. The cold winter wind didn't matter, the adrenaline rushing through my veins, and the counterparts somehow calms me.  

As we came about the bend, I held on to his torso tighter. I remembered how I clutched onto his neck the first time, and chuckled at that memory. It must have reminded him of those times too, because I felt his laugh through his back. We sped along the perimeter of the city, and weaved through the intracity  streets, with nothing but the sound of speed in our ears. "We will never sleep. The city never sleeps, and we will keep going."

 Silence was our motto. Talking wasn't involved much. It was gestures, eye contacts, the body language. We understood all, and so they should understand too.  We stopped by the bar, stepping out of the silent streets into the crowd, where people don't mind their own business. A bunch of voices were directed our way, but I heard nothing. Neither did he. and we would smile at that. 

Music was what they heard. But we danced to the silence in our heads. Nothing can get us, no one can get us. We owned the world, and the world owned them. Emotion was nothing compared to the pure silence we heard here in our heads. All you can hear from us were occasional laughs that sounds like 'you underestimate us.'. 'You don't know me and you never will'. The laughs echoed in my head, as if it were to haunt me in my memories.

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