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Elda Megurine By Elda_Megurine Updated Oct 21, 2017

3rd in the Until We Fly Saga

(WARNING: This story contains spoilers for both Until We Fly books. If you wish to read those, be sure to read them first) 

Do you believe in fate? Do you think that someone's life is always on a set route, a set path? Do you think there's a meaning for everything? Do you think such strange events like the ones I've encountered are destiny?

I don't.

I think there's always a choice.

I chose to join this adventure.

I chose to make these friends.

I chose to help these people.

I chose to go against my orders.

I chose to leave my life, my family behind.

I chose my sacrifices...

Destiny had no say in what I chose.

My name is Phillip Porter

And I watched the Earth die

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williamriverdale williamriverdale Feb 07, 2017
I had the most staring contest with a wall. Of course, I lost.....
williamriverdale williamriverdale Feb 07, 2017
Getting a zombie vibe with that chat conversation. I have a speculation is that this group of people know something important about some kind of supernatural pathogen or something.
                              Second thing is the last two lines. Who is that person? Is the person tapping on the chat?
                              All in all, nice start.
kitmah112 kitmah112 Feb 05, 2017
Ooh.. Now we know who this Ebony is... Interesting. 
                              Need more! XD