The Avengers + Spider-Man

The Avengers + Spider-Man

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Nick Fury, the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D has gathered the Avengers in hope of unmasking the mystery Spider-Man, who seems to make attention for himself saving the city. Fury puts the order out for the team to take Spider-Man in without the possible out come of a battle and get him to join. 

While behind the scenes. Tony and Steve are searching for a new addition to the family. A child to adopt. They search amongst the orphanages trying to find the right one. 

Enter Peter Parker. A 15 year old boy without any hope of being adopted. Seeing the fact that no one wants a kid who's already that old. Being the oldest in the orphanage isn't really the most amazing thing either. Add onto Peters issues and secrecy for more fun.

{Stony }
{Super Family}
#2 in Spider-Man (9/9/18)

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Phosenixgirl198 Phosenixgirl198 Jun 13, 2018
*someone says penis in health class* *i almost combust from holding in laughter*
PraiseTheCassSass PraiseTheCassSass Jun 04, 2018
My mom will definitely NOT approve but she isn't here is she? Lol she actually trusts me, what a mistake
Phosenixgirl198 Phosenixgirl198 Jun 13, 2018
You, I like you (I support stuck more but whatevs, Stony’s good too, especially if they’re mothering peter)
BLUEEEpancakes BLUEEEpancakes a day ago
Right now, I'm just thinking about ships in my school. You've got to watch out. One second everyone says you're with this boy/girl, and the next with this other person.
This is really bad. I want to read this but I know I shouldn't.
CaseyStoltz CaseyStoltz Oct 17, 2018
I just realized I never have Canon ships....EVER all my ships aren’t canon and it’s hilarious
                              BUT YAY STONY AND SPIDEYPOOL!!! 
                              (OTPs Amirite?)