Witch-Craft *Re-writing*

Witch-Craft *Re-writing*

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In 18th century England if a person was found to be a witch they would be burned at the stake, Hung at the Gallows Hill or even stoned to death by the general public. 

Petronilla, a young teenage girl born during the 18th century. Born into a well-known witchcraft family. Grown knowing one day she would be burnt at the stake or hung at Gallows Hill, like her mother, grandmother and all the rest of her family who was burnt, hung or stoned.

Petronilla was born without a family, as all had been killed. The only family she had was a wolf named Kiki. Alike all the rest of her family she learnt witchcraft from Georgina, the town witch. A old lady who had managed to hide herself from the public, teaching all witch born children witchcraft.

Petronilla learnt well, a fast learner she became a more powerful witch than any known. By the time she turned 14, she was capable of doing many things to keep her town from harm. Until the one day, she ventures into Epping Forest to gather a few ingredients for a healing potion. By the time she got back, her town was up in flames, her fellow witches and folks being murdered by the men who came. Fearing for her life she ran into the forest hoping she had not been spotted. 

But she had been by a boy of her age...

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