Ask Or Dare Luciano~!

Ask Or Dare Luciano~!

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"Hm, Last time Admin did this it failed, why even bother."


(L)= Luciano
(A)= Admin
(L/A)= Luciano and Admin



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Guns_And_Rivers Guns_And_Rivers Mar 29, 2017
Admin smirks, "TiMe FoR EvIlNeSs!!" She chuckled, "i dare you too be mean to Flavia and make her cry."
SkyWolfieLulaPaw SkyWolfieLulaPaw Apr 20, 2017
Alyssa looks up a bit the  smirks which is uncharacteristic, "i dare you to do some Japanese and Italian games together while acting like a white girl, also what's your favourite way to make the pasta sauce?,"she asks not giving a damn if he Dislikes it
emotionlxss- emotionlxss- Jun 02, 2017
Chibi Flavio grins evilly. "I dare you to turn into a chibi for as long as I am one."
ineffableheart ineffableheart Feb 25, 2017
"Hmm..." Maria stares at you in deep thought."I guess I should give you a dare then..." She starts smiling deviously.
                              "I dare you to ask Flavio for a makeover!"
ThisMustBeDestiny ThisMustBeDestiny Feb 25, 2017
// I - Mister Vincent - have stumbled upon this 'ask or dare' section, and decided the dreaded question for Luciano.
                              // Tell me, boy:
                              // Do you like the taste of a sweet, handsome, little Americano~?
                              // And by Americano
                              // I meant delicious coffee
                              // Of course
Aph_Romano_hetalia Aph_Romano_hetalia Feb 11, 2017
                              Romano just stares with an intense look and sighed "are you willing to give your 1p version of your brother a hug, bastard?". He then slightly rolled his eyes.
                              QUESTION IN THERE