Kapal: The vessel in the Tea Shop.

Kapal: The vessel in the Tea Shop.

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Munyaradzi By Munyareezus Updated Jan 12, 2017

They say immortality is a curse. having unlimited time to live out your accomplishments will lead you to a life without purpose. Your loved ones will die before you, and you're forced to watch and contemplate the repeated evils of man. 

But immortal life means immortal living right? infinite chances, infinite opportunities and infinite potentials to reach. 

Infinite challenges.

Obsessed with the challenge, the thrill of the chase, one being seeks to live every possible life in every possible way. 
It has felt imortalities curse. It's numb to it.

Numb to the innocent lives it takes to allow it to continue its own.


{How's that for a first time? :) Yup, using emojis on a book description, so mature.
Anyways, this story is still under development, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it's premise.
But so far, An aceint being has cursed to into a ring. When said ring is worn, the being takes over the wearers body. This grants him the ability to live life after life in body after body. 
In every new body, he tries to succeed in a facet of life. This time, a female Mafia Lord. The title of the Book "Kapal" means "ship" or "vessel" which is exactly what the unlucky host becomes.
The rest? Well that's for me to know and you to find out XD
Enjoy the show folks.}

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