yu-gi-oh arc v - dark nightmare

yu-gi-oh arc v - dark nightmare

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Pandoora-Glacia By Pandoora-Glacia Updated Nov 12, 2017

What when yuto was in yuyas place and lived yuyas life? What when he invented Pendulum summoning? And what when yuya was in yutos place and when he was from the xyz dimension? What when yuto never died? And when the two of them are connected through a nightmare? And what will happen when the to meet? And when also shun and sora swapped places?  
(may contains spoilers dont know. I apologise for mistakes, I'm from Germany :) hope you like it it's my first ygo fanfic. If there are any questions just ask :)) 
Swearing, mild violence ( maybe since I'm just at chapter 1) and maybe lemon scenes. Don't know since it would be my first lemon. Oh and I forgot to mention that Yuya Ruri and Shingo are sweet 16, Yugo, Rin, Yuzu and Shun are 17 and Yuto, Sora, Serena, Reiji and Yuri are  18
Have fun  😙❤

This Story is basically, cute, adorable and prechious Yuya, Sora and Yugo. Secret (or not so secret) big perverts Shun, Yuto, Yuri, Reiji and Shingo. The rest of the arc V cast doesn't have a clue.  Yu puns and big confusion with the names... and the faces which is sometimes really funny. A lot of fluff (and a bit of teasing). Maybe bipolar Yuya, Yugo, Yuri and Sora. Always sleepy Yuto.
Pendulumshipping, Dartshipping, Sparrowshipping, Preyshipping, Candyshipping and dark rebel shipping are Brotp!!!!!!  And so on...

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