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I've seen the War [A Wattpad Original Story]

I've seen the War [A Wattpad Original Story]

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Vixien Quill By KatGlasses Updated Apr 28, 2017

Lynna Lilith Taraka. The name of a legend.

One year and eight months ago, in the world of Asterium, where cities and towns move around the barren landscape in protected domes and knights battle mysterious creatures named the Téras, a mysterious Knight appeared out of what seemed to be thin air and began to destroy many of the major Téras'. They had no name and never showed their face. Nobody knew how old they were or even what gender they were. They gave no clues as to where they came from or how they learned to fight. The only thing that was known was that they were younger than the required age for an apprentice knight and so, they were called... Young Knight.
However, Young Knight disappeared two months ago. Leaving no trace of their existence.

Now, a young girl named Lyn has decided to attend the Knight Academy in the important roving city of Ysternis, Psi Omicron Academy. She is on Γ Course to become a Lastaron, commonly referred to as Tinks. A Tink fixes the weapons Knights use and is much less likely to ever see a battlefield than even a normal citizen, as they work deep within the domed cities they reside in.

However, when Lastaron-in-training Lyn spies trouble on the horizon, she performs a great feat of extreme military and fighting prowess and accidentally shows a few individuals her amazing strength and skill.

Eventually, through coercion, entrapment, a little physical force and blackmail, Lyn is forced to join the A course, Alpha course. The class for Knights-to-be.

The questions that are on all of their minds are "If she is so powerful, why is she pretending not to be. Why is she so reluctant to join the battle field?"

This is her story, the story of a girl who when confronted, let's slip four words that she shouldn't be able to utter truthfully, four words that she should never have said. The words she yelled at the top of her lungs to those who cry because they miss home while she has no home to cry for. The words...

"I've seen the war."

  • action
  • adventure
  • apocalypse
  • army
  • fantasy
  • future
  • knight
  • meaning
  • post-apocalyptic
  • scifi
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andsbeginning andsbeginning Jan 08, 2017
Hey, do you mind reading and recommending tips on my new book because your one seems awesome