One Moment's Panic

One Moment's Panic

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Bex By bexie161 Updated Feb 21, 2017

Your name is Aiden Clark, you recently tried to bring your bring your boyfriend Dante home for the holidays but there were a few complications...
You're family was happy to learn that your partner believed in God. 
They were fine with learning that he was a boy.
They were fine with you telling them that there was a big age gap after you told them that it was legal and you loved him enough not to care. 
But you bite your lip and glance around the table at your family, your Christian family... Telling them that your boyfriend is the prince of Hell might just change things.

Now you hadn't intended on all of this, you were just a Mackem out of your depth in Manchester who was scared of being shanked and thrown into the bloody canal. Then the next thing you knew you were dressing a person with third degree burns on their back and wing... Hang on...

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