Sparrow in the Night Sky

Sparrow in the Night Sky

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noobsign By noobsign Updated Apr 07, 2017

White magic: healing, fortunetelling, the manipulation of time. Black magic: curses, illusions, the manipulation of objects. Two sides of a coin that have coexisted for millennia, one helping the other keep the world in check. During their initial rise, the people with the ability to use these forms of magic split into two groups: the Congregation of White Flames and the Black Swords. In recent years, however, a third type of magic - grey magic - has been popping up throughout the Land of Peaks, and there are now enough grey magicians to form a collective known only as the Alliance of Grey. Because of this, both the Congregation and the Swords are beginning to worry about what might happen to the physical and spiritual realms.

Remigia Dirce and her grandfather are prominent members of the Congregation, devoted to helping as many of Trysem's impoverished as they can. However, in the middle of a spar, Remi starts manipulating her sword - something that a White Flame cannot do - in front of her opponent, setting off a dangerous chain reaction that could result in deadly consequences if left unchecked. Forced to leave Trysem, Remi decides to search for answers pertaining to the Alliance of Grey's existence. Little does she know, however, that there are numerous forces out to keep her from the truth.

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