Leventis ⚜ Thorin Oakenshield

Leventis ⚜ Thorin Oakenshield

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⚜ "ι αм ησ єℓƒ!" ⚜

Casadon Erik is a bounty hunter who goes by the name 'Leventis' meaning undisclipined youth. One that earns money by slaughtering people by being told who to kill. A quest is to take place and Casadon desires the riches that lay ahead. Strikingly, 'getting along' with the company's leader: Thorin Oakenshield. She signs a contract to be of Oakenshield's company. Battling trolls until dawn. Running into old wizards to then be attacked by an Orc pack. The leader, Yazneg  tastes death when he sees the familiar face of the Leventis.  After being sucomed by a menacing nightmare during there stay at Rivendell, and when Thorin is asked by the Leventis to stay with her. But will happen? Will they shatter out of love? Or will he be able to accept the smirking bounty hunter when they know the truth about Casadon and who she really is. That she more than just a bounty hunter. Someone more than just an elf that takes money for granted.
    NOTE : That this books is based on the 3 films by Peter Jackson which is inspired by JRR Tolkien's work, therefore I am in no means trying to steal this characters, they belong to these people. So i am not trying to  copyright there work.
This story contains mild violence and strong language and young readers are advised not to read this accordingly.
    Started Writing : 3.1.17 (English Date)

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