Talk Nerdy To Me [On Hold]

Talk Nerdy To Me [On Hold]

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Alexandria Michelle By TheFlamingPopsicle Updated Jan 27, 2013

When new kid Ava Reynolds befriends Noah Shanks, she realizes he’s not exactly a Casanova. He has an unfortunate fashion sense, an inability to speak to girls and human beings in general, and his idea of a fun Friday night is role playing in his mom’s basement. 

After learning of Noah’s hopeless crush on popular girl Elise, Ava decides to help him win over the girl of his dreams. From the start, she knew he had all of the equipment; he just needed to learn how to use it. With Ava’s help, Noah sheds his D-list status and climbs to the top, just like Ava planned. 

The problem? She’s morphed Noah into something he’s not, and he’s no longer the lovable dork she grew to love.

The bigger problem? Noah has eyes for no one but his dream girl, a fact Ava has grown to loathe.  And there’s nothing she can do to change that.

LoveStormyDays LoveStormyDays Dec 17, 2016
I'm imagining Brody as this really buff guy and Todd as an awkward chubby guy with different colored eyes. I LOVE TODD!
itzameapotterhead itzameapotterhead Apr 12, 2016
My mom is so cool that she's the reason why I even know harry potter and she's more fun than the average mom
itzameapotterhead itzameapotterhead Apr 12, 2016
I just looked at the past comments and I internally screamed cause mine starts at 6:50
itzameapotterhead itzameapotterhead Apr 12, 2016
Me too I would murder anyone who thinks that wasting several hours of school everyday is good
Why tho? Like is he a drunk abusive parent? Or is he just being a dad. Telling her to behave?
I like the story line. But the chapter was so long it was hard for me to stay with. That's just because I have a short attention spand.