The Planet of the Frozen Spiders

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Brian K. Henry By abstractplane Completed
The officers of Space Command do battle with immobilized spiders entrapped in ice - which is more dangerous than it sounds!
Sweet ending and entirely justifiable- who are these people who just turn up and think they can stick you in a giant jam jar.
                                    Arachnids of the Galaxy Unite!
                                    P.S. Where did he major in Boisterous Camaraderie- I might just see if I can get on that course.
Do you have such nightmares that you convert into short stories? This is really brilliant! And gruesome, I agree. Kendall was an enjoyable character! Poor Gustafson had to suffer because of him! :p
@abstractplane No problems, matey, you're most welcome! Worry not, though, I know first hand how difficult it is to actually get any reading done on here!
haha, glad I eventually got round to reading this. Nicely done, my friend :)
I was half expecting the spiders to come to life... Good read, thoroughly enjoyable.
Well, that was fun!  I thought maybe the spider was going to come to life or something.