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Barcode Book 1: The Trial

Barcode Book 1: The Trial

11.3K Reads 742 Votes 18 Part Story
Abigail By AE_KIrk Completed

Unexpectedly, the small town of Burton, Oregon is quarantined. The mayor has been given a blood stained photo of his family, a small note is attached. He has to make a choice: to go against his ethics for the good of his family, or to let a government programme be introduced into the town, population two-thousand forty-three, which will ultimately lead to their deaths...He decides.
While the town is undergoing "treatment" from a chemical spillage that leaked into their water supply, every member of the town is given a chip behind the right ear and a barcode on their left wrist to "monitor the chemical". The only problem is, that random people begin to scream out in pain then collapse causing mayhem and chaos among the townspeople. 
Dr Rothschild is the only person who sees the dangers in the new chip, but can she find out why people are collapsing? And if she does, will she stumble upon something much more dangerous than she believed?

zrissi zrissi Aug 10, 2015
I so love reading you're books.
                              You are a Great, Great Writer
                              thank you ! 
zrissi zrissi Aug 10, 2015
Wow kinda sounds like the mark of the beast and frankly are Future. ...       :'(
nellie89 nellie89 Sep 03, 2014
I think this is the first time I've read this, I'm intrigued regardless :) look forward to reading the rest :) xxx
xxSMxx xxSMxx Jan 21, 2014
The beginning itself was so interesting Abi ^^ ! This new guy seems creepy >-<. The idea of them having implanted chips in their heads is almost inhuman. The tabs would mean they will be monitored at all times. I wonder if there is a way to remove those chips. Really interesting !