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An itch that only Malfoy can scratch!

An itch that only Malfoy can scratch!

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myFriendToldMe By myFriendToldMe Completed

Hermione fell asleep in the library only to wake hours earlier, as she hurries to get back to her dorm before a teacher her catches her, who does she run into? Malfoy, that's who! And after that interesting encounter Hermione has a new itch, an itch thaI only one person can scratch, that person happens to be the one person she hates with a fiery passion, MALFOY!

Warning: SMUT- DRAMIONE SMUT!* So if you don't like it don't read it!

Fun_Ghoul- Fun_Ghoul- Mar 14
Ok through that whole thing, I wanted a professor to walk around the corner and just snap a pic and hand it to Snape. Because Snape secretly ships Dramione.
sineaad sineaad 5 days ago
why is this so funny. i havent laughed this hard at smut since i read the milk fic
I love cuddles honestly so if I were her I'd take the offer in a heartbeat
bellachh bellachh Apr 30
i'm in the middle of a harry potter marathon and decided to read some pure dramione fic. i just finished goblet of fire
Hermione: 14
                              Viktor: 17
                              Exactly what I was thinking while watching Goblet of Fire