The story of Alice Salvatore (The vampire diaries)

The story of Alice Salvatore (The vampire diaries)

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Alice Salvatore is Stefan and Damon's little sister. She got turned in to a vampire by her best friend Katherine Pierce, just like her two brothers and then vanished.
Alice quickly got a reputation as a dangerous vampire and a lot of people feared her. She was pretty young, but it wasn't important, because she was a lot like the person that created her, mean, evil, manipulative, blood thirsty, she used every source to get to her goal and she never really had troubles with killing others. She was a true monster, but she had one or two flaws that she had to deal with. She was often feeling lonely, she was holding on to the past to much and besides that she also had a real problem with drinking way to much vodka and getting involved in to things she shouldn't. 
But then one day she met Tyler, a newly made hybrid that told her something that made her return to Mystic Falls, her old home, even if she swore to herself years ago that she'll never go back again. That changed her so called 'normal' vampire life forever.

A The vampire diaries fanfiction ^-^ The story'll mostly follow the original plot line of the series, but I'll also change some things a little n.n I hope you'll like it. (:
[attention: this isn't edited and there'll probably be some words spelled wrong, since I don't have perfect grammar]

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