To Not Give In

To Not Give In

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StarzAboveMe By StarzAboveMe Updated Jul 21

"I'm scared of what I think might happen. It's your fault the monster escaped in the first place." I looked up. "Please take responsibility for it, and fix me!"

Avalon couldn't have known that she would slip, bonk her head, and get electrocuted at Osaka International Airport, or that she would be transported back to Edo Period Japan. She also couldn't have known that she would end up waitressing the captains of the Shinsengumi. And she definitely couldn't have known that she would be attacked by a rasetsu.  

Luckily, Avalon biting the monster. Blech. But afterwards, strange things start happening to Avalon. Everything starts to lose their taste. And for some reason, she's yearning for something other than average human food. Blood?

Desperate for help, Avalon seeks out the Shinsengumi. Will they be able to save Avalon?

Thank you @nineseas for cover art. If you haven't done it yet, go check out her fanfic Kimi no Tameni!


Hijikata One-Shot included!

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