My Best Friends Are What?

My Best Friends Are What?

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Rain Cortez is best friends with Jace and Brody Winters, the future alphas of the pack. 

The thing is that she doesn't know anything about werewolves, she is only a human. She lives in the pack house with her family but she doesn't know them like she thinks she does. 

What happens when she finds out the shocking truth? 

What happens when she finds out the truth and Brody and Jace who she is meant to trust with her life? 

Will she forgive them and give them what they want or will she never be able to forgive them for not telling her the most important thing about them?

wolfandwolfe2 wolfandwolfe2 Aug 12, 2017
I feel sad for Jace😢 but on the other hand it's always saying this "If one twin dies you'll have the other one to love" but than that's just gonna be mean
wolfandwolfe2 wolfandwolfe2 Aug 12, 2017
Like who listens to their hands? Listen to your feet see if that works
Monkey1895 Monkey1895 Aug 17, 2017
Okay I feel pretty stupid for asking this but what the hell is that? Keep in mind that I'm half asleep reading this...
SammiWay115 SammiWay115 Jun 27, 2017
Ryder was the one that kissed Kendall in the last book!!😂 Kendall was right when she said they would be mates!!
YourMyBitch YourMyBitch Aug 22, 2017
ѧẇẇ ҡıṅԀѧ ṡѧԀ ɞȗṭ ıṃ ʟѧȗɢһıṅɢ😂
livvyg1 livvyg1 Nov 06, 2016
                               dont tell me jace and brody can merge into one coz i was freaked out by that