My Best Friends Are What?

My Best Friends Are What?

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Rain Cortez is best friends with Jace and Brody Winters, the future alphas of the pack. 

The thing is that she doesn't know anything about werewolves, she is only a human. She lives in the pack house with her family but she doesn't know them like she thinks she does. 

What happens when she finds out the shocking truth? 

What happens when she finds out the truth and Brody and Jace who she is meant to trust with her life? 

Will she forgive them and give them what they want or will she never be able to forgive them for not telling her the most important thing about them?

- - Jul 19
so deckie finally got his wish huh
                              damnnn kendall is one brave chick for popping out 10 kids
kynne1 kynne1 Oct 23
Exactly and why hide it from her she needs to know her family history
VHThompson VHThompson May 26
What is a box gap? I've never heard a part of someone's body described like that.
VHThompson VHThompson May 26
Okay so if they live in a 'hotel' (cough, pack house, cough) and she lives in the attack then she basically has a whole huge gigantic floor to herself! I'm so jealous right now!
10 kids. Wooow Kendall. You guys had some fun. But I feel sorry for your lower half 😂
MotoXGirl MotoXGirl Jul 11
Orange......I Prefer A Light Tan Or Bronze Maybe But Never orange