UnderSwap Sans x Male Reader

UnderSwap Sans x Male Reader

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Let me explain why it's an "x Male reader." I have never seen a "Sans x Male Reader" or "AU Sans x Male Reader" book on this website. That makes me feel like the UnderTale Fandom of this website don't think about males that would want to have some action with a Sans. If you don't like it, don't read it. If you comment hate about the fact that it's "x Male reader" then I will reply, "Thank you for wasting time you could have spent finding something you do want to read by commenting on something you don't want to read." Now that that's out of the way, I can say the actual summary.

You ran from the orphanage you lived in, and fell into the underground. After a long journey, you broke the barrier and freed the monsters. However, when you did, you realized that you had deep feelings for Sans, or Blue, as everyone calls him. You don't know if he feels the same, but you decide to tell him. Will he turn you down, or will he feel the same towards you?

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PoisonCupcake2 PoisonCupcake2 Nov 08, 2017
in your DNA? i thought it was a chosen sexuality, like how people choose bisexuality or just being straight, i didn't now it could be in your DNA?
Bill_Shyla_Fan Bill_Shyla_Fan Jun 25, 2017
PREACHHHHH I have a friend who is gay for sans lol, so now, I'm writing a book for him.
                              Came here for ideas
                              GAYNES IS NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF IM LES (sorta) AN IM PROUD
                              Sry, did I ramble again...?
- - Apr 05, 2017
i believe that anyone can date whoever. just want to say that now.
Gay as the devil himself and I'm so happy you wrote this. Thank you very much