The First of February (EDITING)

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lindsay By 1DWonderland Completed
Eighteen year old Ashley Wills and her three friends have been waiting outside a hotel for two days in hopes of catching just a glimpse on One Direction. The date is February first, which just happens to be Harry Styles, member of the iconic boy band's birthday. Getting the symptoms of a cold and the urge to pee, Ashley goes around back to find a back door to get in. A door hits her in the face, a few mysterious dark figures scoop her up, and the next thing she realizes is that she is in the hotel room of one of her favorite bands; One Direction. Will they take a liking to her or will she just get an autograph and an apology for getting hit in the face with a door...?
My friend told me to read this book and it seems amazing!!!!!!
i like this one alot, really good!
                                    Much better then my cruddy writing. 
                                    If it wouldn't be too much to ask, could you read one (or more if you like ; )  ) of my stories?
                                    I'm trying to get talented peeps to read mine and give me advice/feedback.
                                    Thx!! And great story!!
oh and theres already photos of ashley benson and Harry styles together. ive also seen one photo of her and niall
this is goooooood and you should make ashley benson as your main character, shes sooo pretty xx
LOVE THIS STORY! This is awesome. I love it. I wish I had dimples as well :( Sadly, I dont :( They're so attractive though!
Yes dimples are cute :)
                                    OMGGGGGGGGGG so many people are such great writers! i am seriously jealous :P Mine is a failure next to yours :)