The Fractured Spheres

The Fractured Spheres

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Benjamin By seeBenWrite Updated Jul 06, 2019

An assortment of loosely associated short stories based in a future Earth I call the Spheres of Darkness.

The Earth died and was reborn. The wires of technology are buried deep beneath a natural, spiritual power. This has mainly come about through the descent of dark moons, unleashing great titans during an even called Starfall, and reordering life under their reign.

Over a hundred years have passed since that tumultuous event. The world has settled into a new medieval routine.

These chapters follow a variety of characters dealing with the death of their world leader known simply as the Prophet. Each locale must decide whether to remain united with the nation called the Spheres or create their own nation state. It is a time of spies and subterfuge which could at any moment lead to outright war. To compound the strain on the Spheres is the rise of moon magic. The power that has once been the sole property of the Prophet is now dispersing into the world in mysterious ways.