Should Have Been The Bad Guy | ✔

Should Have Been The Bad Guy | ✔

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Olive Goodwin (Ollo) By OutrageousOllo Completed

Tim is really dumb and he should have died at the beginning of this novel, because science, but he didn't, because superpowers. He does the cool kid thing and uses his powers for good, despite the nagging of his probably-evil best friend to have some fun and do otherwise. Pull on your dorky spandex and strap on your idealistic humour, as we join Tim on his adventures with:

☇Dead snails

☇Uncontrollable superpowers

☇Annoying siblings

☇Supervillains who want to kill him

☇Hot girls who want to kill him

☇And even his mother, who yes, probably wants to kill him. 

Because, as nobody ever said: Some heroes are born, some are made... and some are just idiots. 

Trigger warning -  Contains cliffhangers, humour, badass fight scenes, epic plot twists and a lifetime's supply of dating advice. Read at your own risk...


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suavesarah suavesarah Apr 15
Love the summary. The only reason I read it in the first place
I haven't read the book yet but I must say that this is the most interesting blurb I have seen so far on wattpad.
Done that. When I was like 3. Don't judge me I was a weird kid
Check out my book-
                              I'm joking, don't get your knickers in a twost.
Tim is really dumb and he should have died at the beginng of this nove----
                              LMAO I think I love it already
NaiadFury NaiadFury Apr 17
You sure about that know one more time for old time sake 😂😂😂