How Fate Binds Us

How Fate Binds Us

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Fate is weird thing that binds everyone, everything together. It comes in many names destiny, the divine will, and even luck.

Colton Jacobs doesn't think fate is pretty kind to him. He's the outcast in his school, the geeky weirdo who is invisible to everyone. And some days he prefer it like this, and sometimes he doesn't. So like every desperate person in the need for popularity and friends, he takes on the challenge.

In the peaceful yet strange town of Baskerville Heights, there is the legend of The Bentley Massacre. All Colton needed to do was go in to the Bentley Manor, find a portrait, write his name, and get the hell out of there. But it's a change of plans when there's something in there. Something is trapped in there, the company he will have to face.

So it's up to Colton to decide if he'd actually risk his life just to be known. Just to be seen. Just to have friends. Or to do the total opposite of that. It is his choice after all.

This is just how fate binds us.