You're His Favorite Joke

You're His Favorite Joke

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Queen of Fire By ScarletFlame12 Completed

You've gotta watch out for the quiet ones and they hardly come quieter than shy but pretty Harleen Quinzel.  New to Gotham City, the fledgling psychiatrist is starting her career by assessing new intakes at the infamous Blackgate Prison, a place so dangerous and ugly it makes the rest of Gotham look like a garden in springtime.  Clashing immediately with the head doctor, Joan Leland, doesn't help.  

Let's face it-there's very little in her life to make her smile, let alone laugh.  

However, on the upside, she is starting to meet people.  There's her new neighbor, Slade Wilson, a handsome and mysterious older man-and he finds her just as attractive.  Although they definitely have chemistry, he is kind of lacking in the sense of humor department-and then he's also so secretive about his profession.

Then on Christmas Day, like the best present ever, she meets someone new.  Someone who makes her laugh.  Someone who really cracks open her shell and brings her out of the grey, dismal mood it seems she's been in forever.   So he's not conventionally handsome, with his green hair and his really, really pale complexion-what does that matter?  He's got a wonderful sense of humor, he makes her pulse race, and is he ever a stylish dresser.

Only problem is, he's a new intake and a probable mass murderer. Is this some kind of a joke life's playing on her?   And how can she believe he's serious?  

 And then there's Slade, who is not the kind to give up easily. He's been away, busy with a squad with suicidal tendencies, but he promised to come back for her.

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- - Aug 28, 2016
I love poison ivy so so much. She's so underrated! I ship her and harley together. And I think Lana Del rey should play her in a movie. Okay that's all
BatsJokes3 BatsJokes3 Feb 10, 2016
This is absolutely fantastic.. 
                              I was looking for a good book!!!
                              Arkhamcity2000 told me this was good book amazing
ScarletFlame12 ScarletFlame12 Jan 06, 2015
@omionirjhor Of course :D and thanks for the comments, votes and follow!
omionirjhor omionirjhor Jan 06, 2015
No Harleen don't go in there .
                              Man I think Arkam Asylum is cursed .
ScarletFlame12 ScarletFlame12 Jun 20, 2014
@JackkSparrow Thank you!I read the comics so I feel like I need them to be in the story for it to feel like it is connected to the source material.:)
AangTheAvatar AangTheAvatar Jun 20, 2014
And you even used a quote from the Comic Book "Mad Love". Nice.