The Blessed One

The Blessed One

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Umayma By umayma2015 Updated May 25, 2017

"You know, there is a difference between shadows and complete darkness." He quipped. Catania raised an eyebrow.

 "And what is that?" 

 "Shadows exist when an object impedes on the sunlight's path to the Earth. Shadows cannot exist without light, yet they are also destroyed by light. Complete darkness is the absence of all light, therefore shadows cannot exist within it." He explained in a rare moment of seriousness.

 "And that's why we all need you." He continued. "The Shadow Lord wants to plunge the world into eternal darkness, even though it will make him considerably weaker, most likely because the Darkness promised him revenge against the gods for destroying his home. But if you help the magics, he won't be able to go through with his plan. " He grabbed her shoulders and forced her to meet his eyes, eliciting a surprised gasp from her at his sudden aggressiveness. Her heartbeat quickened as he looked her dead in the eyes.

 "You are our one everlasting torch, Catania. You're the only one who can't be tainted by the Darkness." His arms caged her in, pulling her impossibly close. His warm breath fanned her face, and his dark chocolate eyes burned with determination as he continued.

"As long as you live, the Shadow Lord will never succeed. Your light will always shine brightly, even through the Shadow Lord's darkness. We need you, Catania." He moved down to her neck, planting a soft kiss, making her sigh at the feeling of his warm lips on her neck.  He sucked lightly, causing a light moan to escape her mouth. He moved up and brushed his lips against her ear. His next words caused a shiver of anticipation to run down her spine as his hot breath tingled her neck.

 "I need you."

A/N This book is mostly innocent toward the beginning, but it probably will get a little bit....steamy later. If you're looking for stuff like in the description of this book, then you might want to read this later.
Credits for the amazing cover go to @bookaremylife21

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