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Archimage Academy (completed)

Archimage Academy (completed)

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Lyn By cindylyna Completed

Fantasia's Fairytale: Archimage Academy (School of Witchcraft and Wizardry)


School of witchcrafts and wizardry.

Children with magical abilities may be enrolled at birth and acceptance is confirm by the school staffs.

People who show magical abilities will automatically gain a house inside.

In a academy that extraordinary humans can only enter...

Students who is living in our planet has a normal life but when it comes to this school, a different atmosphere and intense feeling will wrap your soul.

With help of breath taking subjects that you may learn and powerful and famous Professors.

Would you like to enter this school?

Would you like to experience this extraordinary subjects?

Would you like to witness the magical events?

Would you like to meet the most bachelor students in this school?

Would you like to enter this school to find your happiness?

Would you like to fight against the three witches?

If yes...


(c:) @Hayunn for the new cover
(C:) @-fyeahkaisoo and @DearLuluDeer for the covers
(c:) @cindylyna for the trailer

For more fantasia's fairytale stories pls. kindly check my works.

Enjoy reading!


PurpleByunnie PurpleByunnie Apr 13, 2016
Hehehe i love Brendon Ajax nahh_
                              ...yah! Bacon saranghae😍
BlueAirieSky BlueAirieSky Sep 01, 2016
yup!!your write abiut that.. And hi matgal ko nang binabasa tong archimage gusto ko kasi sya at na mimiss ko sii Rain kaya binabasa ko to
AminahAlimanII AminahAlimanII Nov 23, 2016
ito po ba ang  first book nya oh meron pang nauna  or ito po ba ang second book nya?
Frostlings Frostlings Apr 19, 2016
Why do like EXO? Are they that good? Are they that.. I dunno, handsome? I guess that they are cause a lot of my friends are head over heels for them.. But I want your answer.. Why do you like them?? Is there something special in them??
AsharryAdiongHS AsharryAdiongHS Aug 10, 2016
I think you would like my work!!
                              MY first ever made!!
                              Original Made from me!!
                              "Monsters Magical Academy - Fantasy Fiction" by AsharryAdiongHS on Wattpad
MsParkWuHuang MsParkWuHuang Jul 20, 2016
Plug! Plug! Plug!
                              Read my Exo Fanfiction story~~
                              My 12 guardians and I!!
                              Waiting for your response.
                              By theway, my answer is YES. I do like!!