The Sad Man. A Dani Lancing Story

The Sad Man. A Dani Lancing Story

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P. D. Viner By PDViner Completed

Police officer Tom Bevans is nicknamed the Sad Man by his colleagues. As a Family Liaison Officer he is always the bearer of bad news - it is his job to tell the friends and family of victims the fate of their loved ones.

But Tom is weighted down by crimes both old and new - haunted by the death of his best friend Dani, whose murder has never been solved.

When a rare opportunity emerges for Tom to take the lead in a horrific murder investigation, he is determined to get justice for the victim. A young girl has been found in her own home, cut so badly - and so carefully - that she has bled to death, leaving a deliberate pool of blood in the shape of angel wings....

  • crime
  • dani
  • lancing
  • man
  • mystery
  • sad
  • thriller
  • viner
merybaby22 merybaby22 Jun 22, 2017
hello dear,is me Mery write at ( so that i tell you about me
LoloLila2 LoloLila2 Mar 18, 2017
I like this book even though I didn't read it yet,I just love the idea of a sad man,so simple;-)
KeneibuSolo KeneibuSolo May 10, 2017
This is too good!! I had to stop reading and get some sleep because it's past midnight here but I had to finish Atleast this chapter.
Aashi Aashi May 11, 2016
I really like the descriptions, it is very intriguing and has me hooked! :)
Beautiful-Tagedy Beautiful-Tagedy Mar 19, 2016
If you've ever read a real book like this one, you would know that the writer doesn't write to please you . The it's very evident who's speaking on each line so taking your drama somewhere else because this is amazing! @ the comments above ^^^
Booking_Out Booking_Out Jun 28, 2016
So glad he thinks they should get the killer. And the killer is an idiot. For killing young girls,like Chelsea...