Second Chance (boyxboy/mpreg)

Second Chance (boyxboy/mpreg)

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Grace Phoenix By Grace_ShadowWolf Updated Jun 08

As I walked through the woods in my fox form, I met a white wolf and fox breed pup. I smelled the scent of my mate on her, but I felt no pull. I know I had no mate because there were no such things as second-chance mates, so I thought my fox just really liked her smell. I ignored her, but as I did so, she seemed to be intrigued more by me. She followed me. She asked me if I could take her to her pack, the Windwood Pack, since she got lost after being chased by a bear. I did, hoping that she would leave me alone, but she didn't.

Every afternoon on weekdays and morning on weekends, she'd come visit me. The first few visits, I felt irritated. But as time passed, I soon grew fond of her like a daughter or younger friend. I taught her how to hunt, play the guitar, and differ scents from one another. Being a loner, I had to have many abilities to do to survive. I've been on my own ever since my mate rejected me and my parents disowned me. I never really minded. I knew that would happen anyways. So I never believed in mates.

What I didn't know was that her father was my second chance mate...

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SilverRain77 SilverRain77 Jun 22, 2017
Do you know where that picture is from? It looks interesting.
12Laito12 12Laito12 Jan 11
Bish karma is going to come back and bite u were the sun don’t shine
blitzguy347 blitzguy347 Mar 28, 2017
Haha, thats my reaction whenever someone randomly stares at me
blitzguy347 blitzguy347 Mar 28, 2017
His name is Mariah? Is it pronounced in a different way than Maria?
Crying-Tea Crying-Tea Feb 11
How could light brown hair almost be white? Wouldn't it be blonde?