Shine A Light-A McFly Fanfiction

Shine A Light-A McFly Fanfiction

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Okay so this is my first FanFic that I'm uploading its a McFly one, I will probably be uploading every day so please don't leave! Please Comment, Fan, and vote! xxx <3


Me and my friend Nicole are huge McFly fans. I was around her house listening to the radio waiting for the interview with McFly to come on and they had said that they were going to make a big announcement. We've been waiting for an hour now; I was starting to get really bored so i went to get some food. As soon as I stood up I could hear the intro to 'The Heart Never Lies' By McFly so I quickly sat back down and me and Nicole started to sing along. When the song finished the people in the radio were cheering and then I could finally hear them.

"hello!" they all cheered.

"Hello McFly! Right, before we start could I ask you what your special announcement is? The McFly fans just cannot wait for much longer!" The interviewer demanded.

"Sure!" Tom exclaimed.

"We really wanted to spend some time with some of our f...