The Nerd's Personal Bad Boy

The Nerd's Personal Bad Boy

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" Temporary bliss is not worth the endless suffering it equates to." - invisibilityink

Her existence basically didn't matter, what more to expect from a girl who is the exact definition of 'loser'? All she could do was hit the books and in the social hierarchy which is high school, you didn't matter unless you we were attractive, talented, rich or everything. Claudia Wylls was intelligent, clumsy,   had a beautiful heart but no one knew because no one actually stuck around to find out.

Until he did.

Daniel Chase, heir to the multi-billion family business, knee deep in cash and did whatever he wanted, perks of being rich. His life was envied by others but everyone has imperfections, and he did too. 

Disclaimer: Written when I was 13-14 years old. Dedicated to one of my favorite OTPs, KathNiel.

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chocolatelove58 chocolatelove58 Jun 30, 2017
Claudia makes me think about clouds. And then she asks about weather.😂😂 sorry.
Latvia99 Latvia99 Feb 28, 2016
This may come in handy when i need to throw in a random fact to make myself sound a little smart. 😂
najpaj2000 najpaj2000 Jan 26, 2016
Thanks i was just wondering which aquatic/land animals could breath through their butt
Fire_Of_The_World Fire_Of_The_World Dec 19, 2015
That's acually true turtle can breath through there buts it is true
gulliverhook gulliverhook Sep 30, 2015
Woah really interesting did you know that nemo will have to have sex with he's dad to give more clownfish yeah they can change their gender so incest right * awkward laugh
gulliverhook gulliverhook Sep 30, 2015
It's actually really bad it's really humid and dark oh btw my names meena unicorn nice to meet you