Holly is a young werewolf who has been singled out her whole life, but when her pack finally pushes her too far causing the thin thread she had been hanging onto to break she thinks death will be her salvation. It’s a shame her plans are interrupted when she meets the alpha of vicious pack though, but is she to broken to feel love, a feeling she no longer believes in?
nice start got me feelinf already this gonna b a great book hope im not letdown xczx
I love how you started the book. It describes immense suffering but also tells of great strength.It got me hooked already. Hurt but deep and strong..... it's vague... but at the same time it gives the reader an idea of the sort of person the main character will be. I love it!!!❤❤❤
Currently sick out of my mind, but I'm going to read some books in between trips to the bathroom..
rereading again you should right another book similar to this
Just to let you know. Someone else has the same cover as yours. I saw it on a book the same title as yours: 
                                    Soulmated : Love Me Alpha
                                    That's what it looked like.
and im on wattpad reading a novel.
                                    hope it helps in making me feel better